Junior Blue Belts and above need to have a Junior Manual and bring it to every class. This can be printed from here. They will collect signatures to meet requirements for belt testing. Their tests pages are also in the manual, so they will not be allowed to test without it!

All students must have a mouthpiece ($3) and boys must have a cup and supporter ($10) in order to participate in sparring classes and tournament. These may be purchased from the instructor in class or from a sporting goods store.

The tournament is a required event to complete the curriculum for the session. Only students who have completed all aspects of the curriculum are eligible to take the belt rank test.  Separate fees are required for both the tournament and belt test.

Orange Belts need to purchase footgear, Green Belts hand gear and Blue Belts headgear with a shield. If your child can’t make the tournament please ask your instructor for a list of makeup tournaments... If you have any questions please call your instructor, or Greg Beaver, or call 512-773- 7307(cell).

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